PSE Supra X 37 SE2

In its tenth and best configuration, the new Supra X embodies decades of championships and podium finishes. The Supra X is truly a marvel of modern engineering - and has been put through the ringer in testing by the greatest archers of all time.

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SE2 specs:
Mass weight: 4,6 lbs
Draw length: 26,5"-32"
Speed: 328fps
Brace height: 7 3/8" 

Full Draw Stability

Full Draw. This is where everything matters; it’s the difference between success and failure.
That’s why the PSE Supra X has been built on PSE’s Full Draw Stability Technology, providing the most stable shooting experience in archery thanks to its dynamic brace height.
The Full Draw Stability system actively resists induced torque, resulting in increased accuracy when it matters most. One shot and you will feel the difference.

EZ.220 Snap Spacer System

PSE’s new EZ.220 Snap Spacer System allows for quick bow tuning and cam lean adjustment.
Less time in the bow press means more time in the field, which is why our snap spacers can be easily removed and repositioned on a pressed bow in precise increments.

Modular Grip System

PSE’s Modular Target Grips include 0,4, 8,or 12-degree options as Target Archers strive for superior accuracy, grip angles are crucial for holding patterns, tuning, and post-shot bow reaction. The Supra X offers the tried and true PSE machined grip profile (0 degrees) and a factory equipped 4-degree modular grip, promoting a natural force line and reducing wrist tension. 

Integrated Arrow rest mount

QAD Integrate and Hamskea Epsilon arrow rest mount: Machined Dovetail for zero-tolerance QAD Integrate™ arrow rests. Machined mounting holes available for other mount interfaces.

Fixed Cable Guard System

Fixed Cable Guard System features a Stainless Steel cable rod with an incredibly seamless texture, this system ensures near frictionless operation for enhanced shooting performance. The threaded Stainless Steel rod guarantees a secure and reliable connection, while the strategic cable rod positioning balances vane clearance and minimizes side load tying into FDS and torsional stability. 

PSE Limb Vise pocket system

PSE Limb Vise pocket system: Engineered to provide superior stability through an improved limb locking system. Limb pivots tighten against the handle surface to ensure the pocket remains centered over the riser regardless of limb bolt position.

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