MK Korea Veracity Carbon/Wood ILF lemmer

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MK Korea
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MK Korea Vera Limbs are the nicest highest quality wood core limbs available on the market today. If a wood core limb is what you are looking for, look no further.

Your dream of elasticity, speed and accuracy has finally come true. The Vera is a great custom limb. One of the strong points of this limb is that they were designed to give the feeling of power and stability when you shoot. MK has created a new level of shake resistance to elevate the accuracy of these limbs.

Attention: The poundage of the limbs are based on a MK Korea Alpha Riser. If you have a Hoyt Riser the poundage will be 2 lbs more. So for example 70"-36# limbs will be 70"-36# in a MK Korea Alpha Riser. But in a Hoyt riser it will be 70"-38#.

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