Hoyt Grand Prix GMX 3-Series 25" midtstykke

Featuring the same grip-to-limb pivot positioning of the Formula XD used by Mete Gazoz to win the World Championship, the GMX 3 Series gives the archer a geometry that promotes optimal tuning and grip engagement, harmonizing the archer to the bow.

PrisNOK11 100,00 inkl. mva.
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  • Perfect balance weight system compatibility
  • Integrated damping
  • Dynamic flex control
  • GMX feel and shot reaction
  • Grand Prix advanced pocket system
  • XD optimized grip geometry
  • Reduces "vertical buckling effect" on arrows for an easier, less sensitve tune
  • Features a vertically adjusted grip position to give the archer more consistant hand position and pressure in the throat of the grip
  • New Pro Series tiller bolt

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