Björn Feather-Flex Retro 80 mm - 36 pack

Feather-Flex is a patented vane developed by Björn Bengtson in 1970. They are known for their low weight and their fast ability to stabilize. Sizes available: 60, 70 & 80mm. 36-pack.

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På lager: 23 stk.
Bjorn Bengtson
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TIPS for using Feather-Flex

For gluing the Feather-Flex we recommend using a cyanoacrylate based glue, and a primer pen.

Clean the arrow and vanes with oil-free acetone, and use the primer pen along the base of the vane, then apply the glue.

Push the feathering-clip against the shaft of the arrow and push it 1-2 mm down towards the point of the arrow. Then pull it back to the first placement. This allows the glue to create a tiny board around the base of the vane to keep it secure.

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