Beiter Wing-Holder

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The Beiter Wing-Holder is designed to be the ideal complement to the functionality of the Beiter Tri-Liner. Whle the Beiter Tri-Liner allows to draw precise lines to be able to fletch vanes (e.g. Spin Wings™, Rite Flite™, Kurly Vanes™...): now, with the Beiter Wing-Holder, you can easily and precisely position and fletch the vanes on the shaft.

The Beiter Wing-Holder is available right-hand or left-hand.
You can fletch your vanes straight or - with the aid of the included red bushing - you may be able to fletch the vanes 1° off-set!
The Beiter Wing-Holder is actually available for 1-3/4" only in two different versions: single or as a set of three pieces. 
Each archer should know, that it is possible to have more WING-HOLDER with prepared vanes in the quiver or the bow-case, ready to be fletched!
Please refer to our Instructions Guide to know how to use the Beiter Wing-Holder and achieve best results with it.

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