Shibuya Sight Ultima RC Pro 250-9-A Double Mount

ULTIMA RC PRO’s carbon extension features a radical new design redefining vibration elimination. The ultimate goal of eliminating vibration through the shape of the carbon extension lead us to a fishing pole taper shape. Through it, ULTIMA RC PRO is able

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  • Premium recurve competition sight.
  • Unique carbon bar design radically reduces vibration through material and shape.
  • Carbon bar available in two versions (A or B) to best work with your bow.
  • “A” type extension recommended for bows over 45lbs or those who prefer the balance of a heavier sight.
  • Ultra-secure mounting system for reliable hold and large knob for ease of use.
  • Sight pin mount features toolless adjustment for easier changes in the field.
  • Double mount design allows for shorter elevation bar for reduced mass weight and vibration, while maintaining usability over a wide range of distances.

Technical Specifications:

Handedness: RH or LH
Extension length: 9.00"
Vertical bar length: 2.50"
Thread: 8-32 (standard recurve scope or pin)
Mass weight: 212
Adjustment:  1/32" per revolution/ 1/640" per click

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