RamRods Stabilizer Ultra V3.2 sidestabilisator

Ultra V3 | Made in the USA. Get the incredible feel & wind performance that elite archers demand. Professional archers, recurve & compound, chose Ultra V3

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  • Small diameter stabilizer for minimal wind disruption
  • Adaptive weight system
  • Internal damping to remove unwanted vibration from you shot
  • Through hole in proximal endcap for easy tightening when mounting onto your bow 
  • Both caps are symmetrical and feature a 5/16-24 thread size
  • Feature a 137 spine rod
  • For many professional archers shooting either recurve or compound the Ultra V3 is the stabilizer of choice.
Rod Diameter 0.500 inch
Length 12, 13.5, 15 inch
Thread Size 5/16-24
Included Accessories adapter screw 5/16-24 to 1/4-20
Colour True Black
Material Carbon

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