Mykan Barebow master Weight

For too long barebow archers have had to compromise. Reduced to using equipment whose primary purpose was not designed for them or at best left to modify ‘multi-purpose’ designs to create the set-up they need.

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At MYBO, we knew we had the skill, experience and manufacturing technology to challenge this.
Geometry; balance; mass; flex. All of these elements could, and should, be optimized for barebow.
So that is what we did.
We created the highest quality, most stable, purpose-designed barebow riser on the market.
When you shoot it, you will know.
The MYKAN is nothing less than pure barebow.

Master Weight Colours
• Midnight Black
• Urban Grey
• Royal Blue
• Ice Blue
• Vivid Violet
• Blaze Orange
• Lizard Green
• Sonic Silver
• Midnight Black
• Sunset Gold

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