Launchtec rest blade - two hole

The Launchtec blades are made of epoxy composite the advantage of using this material over steel is that it will not rust, returns to its start position quicker (i.e. does not resonate like steel) has less chatter on draw, and is kinder to carbon arrows.

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På lager: 18 stk.
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Launchtec blades are currently available for:

  • Trophy Taker range of arrow rests (1 hole and 2 hole) in Ex Narrow, Narrow, Wide and Wide Reduced Tip.
  • AAE Freakshow in Ex Narrow, Narrow and Wide and Wide Reduced Tip.
  • Beiter in Ex Narrow, Narrow and Wide and Wide Reduced Tip.

The Trophy Taker blades will also fit the Spot Hogg/Golden Premier range of arrow rests and all other rests that accept Trophy Taker blades, they also fit Hybrid Target Pro and Versa Hamskea rests

If using on a Spot Hogg/Golden Premier extra care may be needed due to their different arms.

*Attention* If you have the Spott Hogg Edge (Swap) rest, please change the countersink screws to 4-40 UNC buttonhead, as the countersink will damage our blade causing it to fail.

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