GAS Bowstrings String Recurve+ Standard Black Serving

Made out of an innovative, patented material called RCX1200 produced exclusively by BCY, to create the perfect balance between a soft and elastic string without elongation.

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Gas Bowstrings
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New for 2024, GAS Bowstrings is releasing the all-new Recurve+ Bowstrings! Through three years of extensive research, development, and testing in partnership with world-class archer, Brady Ellison, GAS Bowstrings is releasing this new bowstring that is both new and revolutionary to recurve bowstrings. What’s more, archers from entry-level up to Olympic-level athletes can all feel the difference and benefit from the innovations of Recurve+ Bowstrings!

Recurve+ Bowstrings are made out of an innovative, patented material called RCX1200. RCX1200 produced exclusively by BCY for GAS Bowstrings is a blend of SK75 and SK99 Dyneema to create the perfect balance between a soft and elastic string without elongation. This material is only available in its natural white color with no added color dye for ultimate string performance.

Not only are Recurve+ constructed of a revolutionary material, but they are engineered with a groundbreaking process called, R+TS or Recurve+ Tensioning System. This process includes two different features that set Recurve + apart from the pack. The first is in end-loop construction. GAS Bowstrings’ new SenseTek Suppression Loops are served with a soft material to enhance the feeling of the string both on the draw and during shot execution. These loops also serve to protect limb tips from wearing down. End servings are served just below the end loops to dampen the sound of the strings, create a more flexible string, as well as add to the softer string feel.

All standard Recurve+ Bowstrings come with black BCY Halo end servings along with the natural white string. Standard Recurve+ strings come with Performance strand count (20 strands) which is comparable to the industry standard BCY 8125 18 strands. RCX1200 is a slightly thinner string material in comparison to 8125, so we are able to increase the strand count on Recurve+ strings to maximize string performance and stability. 

Each Recurve+ string comes in its own plastic tube, perfect for storing the string in a bow case or after breaking down your bow.

Center Serving fits small groove or Beiter #1 nocks


18 Strand - Speed - Perfect for bows with lower poundage (youth)

20 Strand - Performance - for archers to maximise their achievement at standard diameter string

22 Strand - Stability - for archers who wants optimize performance and overall stability

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